Angel of Grace

Angel of Grace by Willow Arleana

Allowing Grace into our lives

becomes easier with each

Miraculous Occurrence

we accept in Faith.

Your belief & positive thoughts

create more & more synchronistic

channels of harmony in your life,

building more & more Faith.

~ Envision, Believe, Create ~

The Angels Love You!


You Are LOVE 

‎*~ ♥  Let your HEART LOVE be as supple, deep, rich & velvet soft while silken strong ♥ Miracles do happen often ~ especially when we think loving thoughts or even just the word LOVE replacing any other thoughts ~ You are LOVED ~ You are LOVE ♥ ~ *

Blue Ray Souls

You came from far away lands not on your own journey, but in service to Heaven. You were born here on Earth not quite feeling alone but not quite fitting in. You did things differently like swam before you crawled or channeled drawings before you spoke. You understood animals, you listened to the stars, you sang with Angels, you danced with energy, you more than likely ‘saw’ spirit.

Time here on Earth wore you out. You were allergic. You were told to shut up. You were told your visions were hallucinations, imaginations and unreal. You never understood violence or hatred or competition. You doodled Spirals & Hearts with hopes to erase any reference to ‘bad people’ as in your heart & soul they did not exist.

You dreamt of far away places you were told did not exist and if they did they were bad. You wondered then what Heaven was… You went to Heaven a few times due to human mishap yet they allowed you to come back once they knew for sure you had not forgotten LOVE. You never forgot love through all you may have endured ~ you still smile.

You understood concepts that few others could with an ease that was unsettling to great men. You saw Colours & Lights & Vapors of Spirits that you also understood. 

You were given advanced techniques to share with others in earnest as you knew them as truth and you were instructed that they may better humankind. You were scoffed at and mocked at for your fanciful imagination.

You felt all of earths gifts and medicine without reading a word. You toughened your shell and rarely let anyone see the magnificent sacred heart shining inside. Those that cracked you fell away in dismay as they cracked you open they found more beauty inside.

All you ever needed was the night sky to replenish your sweetness & wonder. You got lost for hours in music while you dreamt of the sea & wind & sunshine the only things that truly made sense to you.

Carol Nelson

You created beauty thru art in word, music, dance, song and compassionate understanding of all. Others often claimed your creations as their own ~ always without a grimace of feigned grace. (click on the painting for artists’ name and website)

You dreamt of miracles. You couldn’t understand how others could confuse you as something else. You couldn’t understand how others were so confused on how to treat each other. You never gave up hope of a different way.

And then one day you awoke… and everything was different. You knew for sure you were not alone. You saw yourself in others. You were a still calm reflecting pool that responded in waves to others anger always transmuting it for them ~ always transforming even by your very presence. Some thought you made them angry but you didn’t, your energy helped purge their anger. You stood tall and proud. You felt your different facets & your gifts of all galore.

You cried for others, you cried for yourself, you cried for Heaven, You cried for Earth. You felt every fluctuation in the world’s breath. Every miss beat of its heart.

And then you were reborn a Child of Heaven, Saturated in Grace, Knowing exactly what to do to help others, letting Heaven pour through you & out to everyone one breath at a time.

You are a Blue Ray Soul, A Soul of the Blue Ray. Many have awaited you but were scared to speak. You aren’t better or worse than anyone. Just different and highly misunderstood.

Many of you peaceful children are awake now. Finding each other. Healing each other. Understanding each other. All of those Earth years of isolation are gone. You have each other now.

Lift up your hearts

~ Lift them up to the World ~

~ Let Love be Your Every Breath ~


~ ‘aurora’

angelslightworldwide copyright 2012

copyright @  2012

Divine Spirit

Angelic Blessings of The Divine Spirit

Blessing us as our hearts

& hands reach towards Heaven

Delivered by his Holy angels

In Multitudes

for the Multitudes


Encompassing the World.

Vatican City


Self-worth bestows humble confidence

& the ability to love with integrity.

Self-worth also grants

the unshakable strength of serenity.

Serenity that is surrounded with your Faith ~

Faith in a living god.

Claim time to connect with our living God

as he is God of the living.

Fear separates us from

the Love of Our Heavenly Father.

I am serene…..

I am still……

I am…

I release all of my fears to

Our Heavenly Father

& he carries them away-

Precious hub of the Sacred Heart,

Surround your people with

Truth, Honor & True Love

The Archangels surround you in your quest.

Call on Archangel Jophiel 

The Archangel of Divine Beauty

& Heavenly Illumination  for humanity….

Wisdom of the Godhead

Return to your Source

The Root of what grew into

what you are now.

Seek Your Original Purpose

Culture Charity & Education

for your heart to be filled

with the real living god

The teaching of God’s Guidance

Yeshua’s Unconditional Love

The Presence of the Holy Spirit

with Modern Translation

updated from old

misleading representations


& Modern Definition of the Holy Spirit

The Presence & Assistance

of Heavenly Angels as

accepted before

The equal Sacred Divinity 


Male & Female as aspects of

God in divine compliment

to each other & to all creation.

Like A Rainbow….

It starts out small…

gaining size…


through like matter…

a snowball rolling…

~over & over~

….connecting to itself….

a magnet of light….



our belly

gently carressing

feather tingles

carving the channel to the heart…

Bursting alive in God like LOVE

a sacred heart of devotion  

that burns so bright

nothing false may live there….

we might be

or maybe

or somewhat be

acclimated to


world adoration

spreading far

spreading wide

…………….with our at first wet wings of the newborn………….

that dry to a gentle gossamer flow…

testing unconditional love

melding hearts with the ALL……………………………

swiftly then

our mirror arrives…

picture perfect reflection….



glistening jewel even we trepidate to touch…. 

full length suspended in timeless time……

our divine compliment,

our flip~sided twisted soul…

the other half of God’s divine spark

burning for each other without a place to land……

beckoning us to follow

into the labyrinth realms of self  & sages

through the eyes of our loving God

& into ourselves…

akashic engravings translating through time…

in our human thrashing…

laying threshed on the floor…..

in bits of hull and mustard seed…

running from ourselves

only to find the love magnet pulls us together…

our bellys finding themselves…

in grappling exposure to each other ~

our hearts’ light joinery strengthens…

the tugging pulling wrestle stops…

the spices of heaven flow in

all is okay….

never mind the voices of fear in your head…

follow the knowing…

to where you are meant to be…

Where kisses melt like honey drops…

and hands meld into one…

………………..hearts connecting………

8888888  creating spheres of light 8888888

*~ embossing our innocence ~ *

as we gently offer love to all….

Sacred Fire of the Naked Soul














angelslightworldwide @2012

artwork by Arna Baartz @ I AM


Last night before I went to sleep I turned off,

unplugged the electricity and

firmly closed the lid of my laptop.

I fell deep asleep.

An unknown time later something happened….

Just between the veil of asleep

& awake I dreamt an Angel of light

was speaking with me

and caressing my head…

I felt a gorgeous warm sunny heat

& saw beautiful light golden light.  

I stirred for a moment almost

waking fully before diving

back deep into slumbers…

I heard ‘wake up! wake up!’

I thought it was 7 am

and buried myself deeper

in soft feather duvet for that

luxurious few moments of slumber.

A few moments passed.

In the distance I heard a song called Angel Dream ~

the music tried tugging me awake….

I felt so loved and stayed asleep being lulled by music…. 

After a few moments my 18 yr old came into my room

asking, ‘Are you awake?’

It was dark in the room.

I answered… ‘Yes I’ll get up in a moment’.  

I sat up…

the room was dark but

the music was really

playing in my room…

it was coming from the

closed powerless laptop….

I looked at the clock…

3:33 am…

I asked my daughter…

‘Why are you awake?’

She answered ‘The dog was wining in my room.’ 

Confused I asked, ‘Why did you wake me up?’  

She looked at me puzzled & replied,

‘You were already awake’

‘No I wasn’t…’ I told her.

‘Wow Mom’, she said, ‘I heard music coming from

your room and the light was shining

out from under your bedroom door~

you were awake’…  

I started to say,

‘The light wasn’t on ‘ (because it wasn’t)

& then realised ‘something’ supernatural

must have been illuminating my room.

The same something that blanketed

me in healing heat & light,

the same something that woke

me up talking to me &

that played Angels Dream,

that disturbed the dog

and that woke my daughter up.

I am not sure what the something was

but I know it was beautiful,

I fell back asleep praying &

when awoke I knew a miracle had happened ~

what it was I am not quite sure yet…

but the contact was

different than before~

usually they give me signs and

I also hear/feel Angels ~

this was different ~

I feel deeply blessed.

~aurora 03/07/12


Angel Sacrificing Her Wings for Free Will

We all have free will ~

the choice is ours…

it is true though that in the end

and along the way

of our journey…

~ free will isn’t free ~

…it can be very expensive

for instance the cost of

our true happiness,

our true love.

our true selves,

our true career

& sometimes our life….

but most importantly is

the life of Earth….

~ think about it ♥

Washed Me To You

All those pinings yearnings longings achings when I was alone. Years of wandering fields, beaches, deserts ~ Feeling you everywhere but nowhere. Searching deep inside to hear the voice I’d know and never knowing. The full of happy for friends weighted by the dim innocent pain. I am grateful for those endless moments of silent tears as their river washed me to you.