The only thing I want

The only thing I want from you

Is for your heart to grow in love

Into the truth of who you are…

Our Father’s divine creation!

 To be by your side

And grow beside you.

Knowing only love!

The love of our heavenly Father!

goddess wisdom

So much wisdom surrounds you….

Can you hear?

oh rose of the goddess!

“your wisdom is

the bringer of joy!”

fill our hearts with tales of your heart

Oh goddess of wisdom!

Can you hear?

Dance to your goddess 

let your heart fly!


Let the whispers of your heart soar!

To heights the mind can never go!

For your truth lies with in your heart!

Whispers that have been calling you

Before you knew!!!

Oh knight of Divine love!

Express your hearts Desire!

You don’t need to know how to spell, you don’t need to know how to read!

Be my Defender!

In your heart! A heart I gave you!

And I will defend you! 

For my armies will walk beside you!

So many of my children have expressed memories

Unknown to them!

Of the truth of who they are!


The great eagle sees further than the human eye!


Let the whispers lead you to the lands of your dreams!









Awoken Heart

As we awake to our heart’s wisdom.

A wisdom that is in it’s infancy 

sometimes one can feel like every thing around them is falling to the way side.

Angels remind us that you are protected at all times,  

Through times of uncertainty. 

Call on them to guide you to safer shores!

Paradise awaits! 

The Great eagle sees far and wide



Breath in your connection to wisdom

Breath in your connection to Gaia!

This will Aid you in life!

You are loved so very much!


Alchemist of the Heart

As we search with in

Traveling the colors of the rain bow

In search of the origins of thine heart!

From carbon to light!

There’s Gold in your cave!

Under the watchful eye 

Of love!

Your Truths can cause conflict to the mind that creates it’s perception!

Analogy of love, The path.

The Ego

When we ask our Heavenly Father to aid us on the road to awareness

Whether or not one knows it is the road to the divine heart…

intent for asking this is important!

Service to our living God

is the intent!

Our living God knows your Heart!

Individuals can fool others, But you can’t fool our living God.

With The aid of our Heavenly Father

A path to stepping off the hamster wheel is laid before you

One can not ascend on ones’ own!

To try ascending by yourself brings dangers to ones’ life in the form

of entities and can have

effects on ones’ eternal soul

God knows your heart… even if you do not!

Your peers will try to stop you!

When in the Hamster wheel!

Ethereal  forces that influence us ALL.

You’re in ego they shout from the place of the ego!


 The comments come from FEAR –

A fear that all on the hamster wheel share –

A fear that supports one another –

individuals influenced by ethereal forces can and will be nasty!

Go away they will shout!

Spiritual they say they are!

Some will even sit on spiritual committees!

Or run spiritual magazines!

For gossip is the tool!

But you were born to be great!

They do not see the Guiding hand of God!

As you walk the path to your Heart!

your life times will come to your present…

To Aid you in the knowing

Of who you truly are!

The hamster wheel continues to roll

Some will try to capitalize on the heart of others!

As they can not walk the path!

They forget their soul is eternal and there is a price to be paid!

For god knows your heart!

But for you it will not matter

At times

be cautious for your wheel is not far behind….

but the knowing of your heart AND

with the love of our Heavenly Father

you will continue to grow in his love for all!

There is a reason the path is for the brave of heart….

There is a reason when you step on to the path

your spirit is dressed in the armour of God!

Are you brave enough to let your lion roar!


Laughing in the knowing!

Find comfort in your laugh 

Letting all worries go by.

In the knowing our god is with us. 

As Real as Real can be!

Bless you lord Buddha

And lord Krishna too. 

Bless you lord Ganesha

you continue to clear the way

Bless you lord Yeshua

you gave you life for our sins

Bless my brothers and sisters

 All the unnamed lords too!

for your strength

To stay true!

I offer this flower my family

As a token of my intent!

To walk the path, You showed the way!

To the arms of our heavenly father!

The Marvel Never Stops

Miracles are like falling stars…

sometimes we don’t see them

but know they are there…

other times we see them

& the marvel never stops ♥