Twin Flames


lovers from beyond time

together since the begining

entwined in each other

they shared all

one takin ones pain

one livin for the other

one dyin for the other

the male/female

together forever

he lives through her

she through him

she slays for him

he sings her melody

together they learn

their soulmates help

them grow 

their love helps them cope

through absence

every life lived is different

some together .. some apart

each to help them grow

and in the end

in their last days

in this mortal realm

they meet again

lovers and companions once more

their passion lights the fires

it rises from the ashes

karma done and gone

they unite again as one

twin flames

twin souls

united in oneness

back to the begining 

where their love

ruled the world 

by Anita Cosgrave

A.R.C. Creations

Heaven’s Grace

Peace On Earth

~ May the breath of peace still your thoughts so that you may open your heart to Heaven’s Grace and breathe pure love ~ liquid love light ~

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts

~ Our Spiritual gifts from Heaven are so varied, unique & individual ~ We are gifts to each other when we shine our TRUE light ~ We become blessings to each others souls ~ Be yourself & shine ~ You never know what blessing you may be giving someone else with your LOVE ~


Destiny by Mis Destiny


Destiny born may be transformed but never missed. The Angels help us along our destined path ~ the Journey Heaven prescribed for our soul ~ Many of us fall away from our path or lose direction along the way with distractions or sometimes pain. When we awaken and ask for Heaven’s Guidance to help us get back on our path we always get just that …. Guidance. Answers come in many forms from the Angelic Realm ~ Always be eager to ask them questions and directions ~ Asking also for the patience and focus to stay on our path. Know they are creative and sometimes humorous in their communication ~ Trust they are there. Having Faith is more than half the struggle in human spiritual existence ~ Breathe deep and let your destined path be a great “Let Go” of control  to professional Heaven pilots! You won’t be disappointed.

Cupid’s Healing



              from the depths of nowhere 

the bile truth seeps

                     towards the edge~ 

~miscellany miscellany miscellany~ 

~Growing a thorny hedge. 

Cover me in balsam,

                      slather me in


Wake the wicked woe~ 

                          toss it to and fro . 

Shove it to its senses ~

                Scouring with love~ 

Melding with passion ~ 

                             but mostly


Let pain go……..


Angels In The Sky

Angels In The Sky

Sometimes in the midst of our most human doubt we hang our heads down in seemingly beaten oppression ~ Often if we lift our heads and look up to the sky Heaven has left unmistakable reminders for us that we are loved & not alone ~ Heaven hears our every silent groan & answers with HOPE ~ Have FAITH ~ Everything is Perfect in Heaven’s Time ~


The Tree of Life is Nourished by our Human Soul Love ~ This all begins with true love & acceptance of oneself as we then are free to accept & love all others ~ The LOVE we generate attracts more & more LOVE until we all are Liquid Love Light Nourishing all.