Fight Hunger

Don’t forget your prayers of gratitude.

Your Soul’s Thirst

Fill your heart with LOVE…

let love’s lightness of being lift 

your soul high

into the realms of evermore…

Quench your soul’s thirst

with Heaven’s endless supply of Love.

How To Get Your Halo

  •  Stay still…. 

  • Think LOVE…. 

  • Breathe in deeply while thinking LOVE….   

  • Think LOVE…. 

  • Breathe out deeply while thinking LOVE…. 

  • Think LOVE… 

  • Feel the energy around the top of your head connect with Heaven’s Love….

  • Keep Breathing…(very important)

  •  Keep thinking LOVE…. 

  • With every breath think LOVE 

  • Feel your Halo grow and strengthen.

She Said

“I am just your average demon slayer”, she said…….

“& bringer of Love & Light

on my days off.”  

~ Angel Love,



Angel Sacrificing Her Wings for Free Will

We all have free will ~

the choice is ours…

it is true though that in the end

and along the way

of our journey…

~ free will isn’t free ~

…it can be very expensive

for instance the cost of

our true happiness,

our true love.

our true selves,

our true career

& sometimes our life….

but most importantly is

the life of Earth….

~ think about it ♥