Listen to Mother Earth

♥ ‘ May you be blessed with Sacred “Hearing” ♥

Listen to Mother Earth as she calls you

to help re-unite her energies with

Heaven’s Silver & Blue Light ♥

Blessed Mother, Archangel Michael,

Dolphins, Whales & other

Earth healing Angels & Masters

use this light to reconnect

you all to

all Ancient Sacred wisdom

through the stars ~

This light blesses earth &

yearns for memories of Lemuria

where the womb of the world

was whole & fed the Garden ♥

As earth Angels you can visualise

this energy frequency to heal

all that is cracked & broken ~

Visualise this light frequency to erase or rub out

pollution ,

weather imbalances

or unwanted tectonic activity ~

The Angels will help deliver

this healing light in abundance

so that you all may use it freely’ ♥

LOVE ♥ (((xoxoxo))),

The Angels

~Sacred Heart Blessings of Angels Love September 6th, 2012

Genetic Engineer

Heaven is the only genetic engineer we need….

amber waves,

spacious skies,

butterscotch sunshine


pure rain.

philosophers stone

The philosophers’ stone…

Elixir of life

where the dead awake

The enlightening minds thrives

The immortal soul you already have

Before your journey begins

MAGNUM OPUS – a word born to seekers

where Heros only can go

♥ with purity of heart ♥

A steadfast course

Through rough seas and storms

past songs of  sirens

Past lands of old

where cyclops roam and witches brew

To the alchemy of life

Sailing the crest of gold

under the moonlit stars

where mermaids swim

Unicorns roam

To the land where love is the answer

But hold on tight

Ones  journey  has just begun

The philosophers stone is more than a stone

The anchor to ones essence

so shout to the stars

with all of your might

To guide you on your journey


~ copyright @2011 Brian AngelsLightWorldWide

VETIVER ~ The Rose Ministry


Heaven’s gift to Earth ♥ Vetiver is a simple grass that grows prolifically & has some incredible special qualities and uses ~ it is being used worldwide to anchor soil in eroding flood washed lands ~ the 2- 4 meter deep vertical roots plunge deep into the ground in a pattern of high density and act as a weaver of soil and giver of nourishment back to earth, Originally a perennial grass native to India it is now grown and used in many tropical countries as a soil and water quality management crop. Vetiver grass is grown for many different purposes. It protects fields against pests and weed but also great for animal feed. 
In Israel, by Dr. Nativ Dudai found out that Vetiver is capable of growing in a fuel-contaminated ground! and found that the plant is also able to clean the ground so thoroughly that the soil is almost fuel-free. 
Vetiver Oil is extracted from the root and traditionally used as perfume base often used to warm citrus notes and sweet flower. 90% of world perfumes use vetiver in their mix as it also fixative in its deep amber resin. 
The oil of Vetiver is also great for helping stimulate collagen repair in the skin. The fibrous plant is also used for making thatch roof, mud bricks, basket weave and ropes.
The most amazing studies I have found are the studies in Vetiver’s use and treatment of children and adults with the ADD /ADHD gene type ~ The oil is a mild sedative and when rubbed on the soles of feet induces gorgeous calm soothing for hyperactivity and anxiety. Its deep amber scent is similar to patchouli without its headiness, ♥
Thank you Mother Nature.