Eden in Peril

Like the breath of skilled ancients

we slowly wake up

& remember wisdom lain fallow as we

slept during our spiritual slavery

for centuries…..

The inverted knowledge of God

& his plan for us — The original that has

nothing to do with killing each other,

starvation. or environmental sabatage.

but as the loyal patience of

God’s heavenly creations

await us

~ enriching gifts 

so lovingly lain for us…

He waits on an energy

of decaying earth – an Eden in peril ~

waiting, breathing with us

sending all that he may….

God’s Spirals

Lured by sweet fragrance

& the warmth of velvet petals

Our hearts answer the rose

calling in depth of recognition

of its supple kinship in looks



with our hearts,






Light unfurls from

the cosmos

of unordained origin

of original life force of creation…

Freely floating for us all

we feel its invisible to our

naked eye presence

bathing us

lavishly with hope whispering


Hope in creation

& faith in our creator

as we are

replicas of essence:





All of humanity’s birth…





of sparks of divine

tempestuous storms

of exacting expressions

of Elijah ~

Yaweh’s passion plays’ cathars…

we symbolise

yet conflict

with the flow of what is actually

us in all without division

yet ripe with the divine 

Ancient beginnings

of lustrous growth


with the universe

through galaxy’s of time

Golden ratios in ratio with



all that is blessed


all that is divine:

We are We

Held in the womb of life

nourished by anonymous

elements given letter values

by our inspiring minds

from a language

emulating the original

voices of God

which cannot be separated

from the birth of all


from the birth of everywhere

Rock of Ages spiraling

through time



to remind us

of our beginnings…

anchoring us

in definite roots to all.

from the smallest structures

of essence in spirals

of illustrative variation

unique divinity

from the palette of God

We are each his divine

Universe complete


total design

brimming with variation

in uniqueness


in glory:





the breeze of floral pollen




anew each time.


If we all could see

the pure ecstatic joy…

Angels feel when we call on them…

As they rush to our service…

Delivering Heaven’s Love & Light…

As messengers for God….

Coming close to us

in the breath of our dreams…

Helping make our dreams

& pure thoughts….

Align with Heaven..

Creating our Heaven on Earth.

As promised…

Tree of Life

Anchor your roots and reach for the stars…

Be the space between Heaven & Earth

of flowing energy

nourishing all

as you transform light to food

for our hearts & souls.

The Marvel Never Stops

Miracles are like falling stars…

sometimes we don’t see them

but know they are there…

other times we see them

& the marvel never stops ♥

Genetic Engineer

Heaven is the only genetic engineer we need….

amber waves,

spacious skies,

butterscotch sunshine


pure rain.

Full Moon

Full Moon magnetism draws stale

& dense energy away from our Aura

& also Earth’s energy field.

Just as world tides of great seas

ebb & flow in powerful currents

so does the high percentage

of water in our bodies.

The coming of the full moon

is a time to shed

the old & renew with faith…

You are not alone…

~ we all feel it ~

Float free with the divine current of humanity clearing.

Breathe deep through any emotions being released.

Let everything breathe a big let go….

Angelic Shaman Meditation & Workshop, Healing & Blessing! Saturday March 10th

Back By Popular Request!!!

Angel Lights World Wide & Community Spirit Center Roscrea

Are Pleased to Announce 

One day Work Shop: Angelic Shaman Healing & Meditation

Location: Community Spirit Center, Main Street, Castlerea, County Roscommon, Ireland .

Join Us on Saturday March 10th, 2012

11 am –  3 pm Private Individual Angelic Shaman Guidance & Healing Sessions by appointment by donation

3 pm – 6 pm Group Angelic Shaman Meditation & Healing 25.00 pp

~Certificates Given for Completion~

Phone Roisin Hogan: Ireland  087-6320448/094-9622053

Phone  Ireland 087-0564203

                                                                      US (702) 302-1453

Benefits from Angelic Shaman Guidance, Meditation & Blessings

Accelerated Ascensions, Ignition of Personal Sacred Heart, Reconnection of Angelic Chords, Angelic Wing Energy Activation, Chakra Balancing & Clearing of Denser Energy from Auric field, Entity Removal, Third Eye Clearing & Activating Increases Intuition Sensitivity & All Clairs, Angelic Shaman Energy may help alleviate symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

AngelsLightWorldwide are Souls of the Blue Ray’ & are of the Highest Ray of Vibration Blue – They are extremely sensitive and are known to bless with a variety of highly ascended energies & colours. The blessing channeled is a myriad of Heavenly colours, frequencies & energies that cater for all levels of awareness. Channeled Blessings are Highlighted With Electric Blue and the Golden Sphere of The Christ Light. Client Reviews can be found at: on Services page or ‘Soul Healing’ page 

  • Disclaimer:

  • This is not for entertainment purposes.

  • You may see, feel, hear, things that you may not of experienced before.

  • You are being cared for by Heaven’s Angels.

  • At any time if you are not ready to release energies, say stop.

  • We also ‘feel’ this ‘stop’ distantly ♥ as the angels hear & tell us. 

  • We recommend that you be in a seated position or laying down. 

  • Enjoy the Love Angels have for you.


Angel Sacrificing Her Wings for Free Will

We all have free will ~

the choice is ours…

it is true though that in the end

and along the way

of our journey…

~ free will isn’t free ~

…it can be very expensive

for instance the cost of

our true happiness,

our true love.

our true selves,

our true career

& sometimes our life….

but most importantly is

the life of Earth….

~ think about it ♥