May Heaven’s Love Light Flow Around You

♥ ‘May Heaven’s love light flow around you ♥ Heaven’s LOVE vibrates & travels on a frequency not seen by most human eyes ~ But like sound waves or other light waves that does not mean it is not there ~ You can ‘feel’ Heaven’s light flowing around you ~ a beautiful heart warming comfort of Love & Peace that helps Joy bubble in & around you ~ close your eyes a moment…. breathe deep & slow… ask f

or our love… think LOVE….. feel a shift in your sensations…. Know you are LOVED ~ practice makes perfect’ ♥

Heaven’s Angels

♥ Sending EVERYONE LOVE ♥ Welcome ALL new likes ♥ Angels Light World Wide & Sacred Heart Blessings of Angels Love is still managing some computer issues at the moment but will return to normal messaging of personalised welcomes as soon as possible ♥ We so miss messaging you all day everyday ♥

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