Archive | October 2, 2012

Restoring Peace

♥ ‘May all be restored

to peace



~ the love between your hearts


the understanding

between your minds

is priceless

worth more than

anything tangible ♥

Heaven calls on

you all

to stay with

the energy of love

created through

peaceful hearts

& steadfast praying

for those pulled into

disharmony of violence ~

We ask you to

breathe in all that is,

breathe out love,



forgiveness’ ♥


Heaven’s Angels

Blessings for All

♥ ‘So many blessings

available for all ~

It is through

the most peaceful hearts

that the most glamorous

gardens shine ~

breathe love ~

be a part of

Earth’s transformation’ ♥


Heaven’s Angels

Divine Communion

♥ ‘May you be blessed

in divine communion ♥

Heaven’s Angels


the Holy Spirit

join with you

in divine communion

of your souls ~

Heaven’s blessings of


pour through your spirit

into your souls


emanate out

towards each other

through your eyes

your hearts


your presence’ ♥


Heaven’s Angels