Prayers of Pure LOVE

♥ May all your prayers of pure love be answered ♥

♥We receive your prayers ♥

Hope lifts them to us on feather light love energy

that is sacred & divine ~

The Love & Hope you send us is a gift that nourishes Heaven ~

We return your gift of Love with





soul nurturing ~

Creating wholeness

where there is fragments ~

We so love to meld any

broken spirit with love so

that the division is non~existent

within your inner soul

but also humanities’ soul ~

Your prayer always helps you when you feel stuck,

stagnant or blocked ~

A flow of divine mercy & love

washes away all that may be holding you back ~

Honor any creative impulses you have ~

Let them flow’

LOVE ♥ (((xoxoxo))),

Heaven & Heaven’s Angels

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