Archive | June 4, 2012


Oh where has thy passion gone?

Stories of old laid waste

in the ruins of tattered paper money,

fields rank with petrol fumes,

cement, fallen bricks and now stolen copper

where the sacred cows & humble

sheep once roamed.

Oh misguided souls how adept

thou has become at


but at what cost?

Selling your culture…

 enslaving a people…

What a price to pay…

How much was foresaken?

The destruction of family?

The division of home?

Ancient Language?

Ancient land? Myths?

Lore Magic?

All more precious than any gold.


earth’s very own liquid anti-biotic

misused to feed the Sin



The very breath & soul of your

Ancient Land resurrects


grows stronger each moment.

Blessed with the wisdom of ancients

Love leads the way

from lands of old.

Ascended Masters

Druids, Bards, Shaman return!

In numbers not seen before

Living Saints


Souls of old

have stamina with Heaven.

Heaven’s help reaching

towards you all ~ nourishing

your thirst for





Love of all the land…

Respect for its gifts in its natural consecration

benefits all

blessed with truth



of the heart…

Beloved Patrick & Brighid of Grace

Patron Saints of Eire

alive within the pulse of your island,

speak through the Hearts

of those that listen.

Teach with what is authentic,

set the souls of

God’s people free.

Eden in Peril

Like the breath of skilled ancients

we slowly wake up

& remember wisdom lain fallow as we

slept during our spiritual slavery

for centuries…..

The inverted knowledge of God

& his plan for us — The original that has

nothing to do with killing each other,

starvation. or environmental sabatage.

but as the loyal patience of

God’s heavenly creations

await us

~ enriching gifts 

so lovingly lain for us…

He waits on an energy

of decaying earth – an Eden in peril ~

waiting, breathing with us

sending all that he may….



Divine Mother

‘It is time to shine deep love light

in our universe without limits…

be the light…’



 old patterns of thought:


Patterns that have not served you,

patterns woven

to mask your beauty inside.’

‘My beautiful children 

I see & feel your Heart ~

your passion for life ~

All that is hidden from your view: 

especially your strength in love.’

‘It is time to shine beautiful souls

for a nation

venturing forth’

‘in spiritual understanding,’


‘spiritual awareness


spiritual growth.’

Heaven suggests calling on

Archangel Raphael


Ask Raphael for aid in recovery~

The healing of a Nation.

Ask Raphael for Abundance of all:

health care

spiritual truth

freedom from oppression

steadfast & secure financial protection.

Raphael also protects travelers. 

Call on him

as you travel the path of the heart –

the path of your culture,

the path of your passion, 

the path of the brave of soul.

Rejoice in your protection.


Seek the wonder in every day. 

Attract Heavenly Angels 

who are drawn to you by

your laughter. 

Laughter heals the body,

heals the soul 


heals the mind.

Laughter clears

denser energies


allows for the new

to enter your life’s 


Spiritual growth =

a series of cycles: 

letting go of all

that does not serve

while welcoming the new ~ 

Detaching from negative density


new situations 

new partnerships

new innovations

new birth

that breathes abundance

into all areas of humanity

through peaceful progress


astounding faith in the divine.

Free the soul of  your people :

Free the spirit of your Nation.

When our hearts align

with God…

Heaven’s Matrix Divine

sends profound help~

Thousands &


of Heavenly Angels.

Angels sent to bless you


Angels sent to protect you…

Be still of heart,

be quiet of mind

& know that you are mine.