Psalms 85/8

Let me hear what god the lord will speak, for he will speak peace to his people, to his saints,((((To those)))) who turn to him in their hearts…

To those if I’m not mistaken,

means every one

who has a heart!!

Do I sit in Judgement? of individuals who scoff to the seeker of

The heart

The Holy Grail


Do I sit in judgement of Religion who scoff, lie from generation to generation

To the point  where they do not know their own heart?

To the point where the individual priests, vicars, monks, Nuns.

put their religion in front of

A Living God

All calming righteousness

Over other religions


And worst still those who know and stay quiet,

oh how you have sold your Father short for an earth existence

You use your free will well ( in fear)

one can read a holy book for ten life times and never know thine own heart!

Never hearing…

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