Archive | April 25, 2012

I see you!

I see you tend your garden,

Every day like the buzzy-bee,

Prune, trim, and cut.

strangers walk by

The smile and greet

Under the breath the scoff!

With the weight of mountains on your shoulders

There is no time to Heal

Then hurriedly leave the beauty of your garden

Returning to the Darkness of your cave!

Where the hidden lion awaits to Roar!!

At the love that is inside you!

But Like the busy bee

The next task you must complete.

Garden chairs never worn

Sit idly by

Can you enjoy the fruits of your labour

Or do you create for the passer by?

Will you see the humming-bird hover

And marvel at its creation.

will you see the quail, as they hurriedly march across your lawn

A sight to make you smile in awe

Will you see the butterfly dance

As they move from flower to flower

Alas dear child of god

If you can not see the Grass you water

You will never see the fairies

Dance and play under the moon lit sky

Thank you dear one for being my Gardner

I am relay enjoying your Garden

I hope one day you come and sit with me

And marvel at what you have created.

Daisy Love.

Is the flower petal separate from the other petals?

Are the petals separate from the flower?

Is the flower separate from the ground?

Is the land separate from the lands?

Is our mother separate from the universe?

Is the universe separate from other universes?

Are the universes separate from the creator?

The only separation is the separation you create.

Awaken to your place in our heavenly Father’s creation!

Love thyself!