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Tell Your Own Future












make this your Present

& it becomes your gift in the future.

Every breath of love matters….

Keep up the good work .

Simple Gifts

 One of the best healing tools

in the universe is laughter & smiles….

 We can also ask Heavenly Angels to help us heal

during our dreams when they can

gently purge our subconscious of this lifetime

& many life-times.

 Laughter & dreamwork…

simple gifts that heal by releasing them to Heaven.

Thank You Angels for dissipating our burdens…

& Transforming them to LOVE.

It’s all about you!


Your father is the father of Christ!!!

If only you can love!

Christ is with-in you!

You have the will and the Strength of heart

To connect to the

Christ conscience!

Now imagine that!

You can make your birth father the father of a child who loved!

A child who excepted the christ consciences!

You & Me

 I can see the world in your eyes…

Can you see the world in mine?

I can touch my chest & feel your heartbeat…

Can you touch your chest and feel mine?

I can take a breath of life & feel you…

Can you breathe & feel me?


Return To Eden

An intellect driven by ego!

Manipulated by forces from the tree of knowledge!

The way Back!

An intellect driven by the Heart!

Your Heart!

Your connection to all!

The Grail of Eden Belongs to our heavenly Father!

Host of hosts!

Ask for help to find your grail!!

If your intent is good!

Armies of our heavenly fathers angels await your command!

You can’t find the grail

If you don’t believe it’s there!

We will turn your Belief



A deep heart-felt connection to the truth!

A truth that only you can find!

 A truth all divine hearts share!

Sunshine of Love

 Return to the vision of love for earth…

our Eden.

The greatest service we can do

for each other is share LOVE….

Hold your head up & SHINE!


 You were born for a very special reason

to make a

difference on this earth –

however large or small the reason….

We all may be droplets of water in the ocean of life,

but together we make the whole of humanity…  

You’re allowed be smitten knowing

‘God’ as you know him has a purpose for you.

You are so loved.

Let Them Know You Love Them

 Our hearts blossom into fragrant roses

when love shines on us

& through us

warming every room with the comfort of joy.

Put a sparkle in someone’s eye 

& a rose in their heart,

let them know you love them.

As On Earth, As In Heaven

North Korea’s military warned on Monday of imminent “special actions” that would reduce South Korea’s conservative government to ashes within minutes, sharply escalating the rhetoric against its southern rival & Anyone that supports them.

These WORDS come from a monstrous ego’s insanity…

And YES!!!! Satan is rocking laughing in his play ground of trickery –

A playground of Fear!

A fear that has no substance!


There is inspirational hope hidden in one of

the forbidden books of the Bible: The Keys of Enoch

‘Behold, now the marvelous plan taking place 

among the children of (heavenly) light…

A divine plan has been issued to balance the earth’s ( and man’s)violation of the cosmic law of Light and Love.

This plan has been issued to negate man’s and destruction  of his atmosphere and his radiation fields especially through his misuse of atomic energy. He has also caused destruction to many biological kingdoms on his planetary life station known as Earth.

Man has shown that he has lost control of his planet by virtue of the  danger he not only presents to himself but  to the surrounding planetary environments by his pursuit of atomic energy for destructive use.

In addition, the councils that govern our planetary field have also observed man’s desire to extend his planetary society to other planetary regions with out spiritual understanding and still using a technology of death.’


There are consequences for our action’s… Free will is not free.

On earth, as is in Heaven. 

Living a life on earth can be hurtful, no one can dispute that. It is the

life we created, generation after generation, Every morning we wake

in the land of Eden, our world that has been influenced  by Satan.

Ego….Satan’s play ground!

The Tree of Knowledge rather than nature’s Tree of Life

The Tree of Knowledge –

an influence that has manipulated

religions, governments & people

throughout the ages &

turned mankind into slaves! 


I recently told my teenage Stepson when his peers where dabbling,

 “It takes a man to stand on his own and say no”

(Something most parents can relate to.)

“It takes courage to be the individual

and take responsibility for

one’s own life,

one’s own eternal soul,

one’s own light vibration!

And now I say the above to China, North Korea, Iran and our world leaders… 

“It takes a man to stand on his own and say no!!!!


Don’t send your children to war ~

They are your future… our future!

Show leadership, Show strength, Show love!”

Failing that….

It is down to the individual to say no!