Archive | March 16, 2012

Angels of Forgiveness

Archangel Chamuel Heals Our Heart Through Forgiveness

An angel of Pure Love on Wings,

Chamuel means “he who seeks God”

& is listed as one of the higher seven Archangels.

Chamuel brings pink light in many layers & hues…

the deepest of Ruby pink is that of

most intense love for severe

situations involving ‘anti-love’…

Call his name when you or

any situation needs

LOVE for everyone involved

~including yourself.

Scribe a prayer to Chamuel ~

whisper this prayer

as you fall asleep.  




Archangel Zaphiel Heals Our Heart Through Forgiveness


Archangel Zaphiel leads the choir of cherubim….

Call on Zaphiel when you feel you

have no hope for forgiveness…

Zaphiel can calm even the angriest of souls.

So that we may experience

the graceful freedom of forgiveness,

Zaphiel may heal ANY problem

so that love of yourself

& love of others returns.



Archangel Zadkiel Blesses with Forgiveness for Self and Others

Zadkiel – the archangel of benevolence and mercy  – 

is “the righteousness of God”

& is also the archangel

that intervened between Abraham’s

sacrifice of his son Isaac.

If you are ready to let

go of judgement & guilt

ask Zadkiel for help so

that you may experience

unconditional love. 

Unconditional love heals

mind, body & soul.


Angel of Forgiveness by Nancy Noel 

Bath Kol Helps us Find Forgiveness

The heavenly voice from

the Old Testament is Bath Kol  

& she is symbolized by the dove.

The gift of helping you connect with spirit

~ the dove & Holy Spirit ~

was given to Bath Kol.

She may grant you

the grace to open your heart

to forgiveness so that

you may heal & deepen

your experience of love.

She has a Heavenly Voice

that may soothe your soul & heart.