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Entrust Your Heart

Angel & Heart Tattoo by Gabriel Cece 

Once our hearts become bigger than our pride we are ready for true love.

~ Entrust your HEART to the Angels of Heaven… They help us all trust again ~

Hitchhiking Through Ascension

Brian and Aurora, Angels LightWorldwide, say that the need to share our ascension experiences, no matter how subtle or wild, is imperative to both old and young.

By Angels LightWorldwide

There’s no need to check Snopes for a something called ascension; it’s real and has a myriad of symptoms.You can relax and breathe though. Ascension is not a computer virus, pandemic, nor a falling stock. It is our world awakening exponentially, our social infrastructure screaming en masse: peaceful protests, flat-out revolutions, acceptance of earth angels, UFO disclosure, biblical fear, brigades of love, and the ascension vehicle Merkaba.

Merkaba: mer means light, ka means spirit, ba means soul; a light vehicle connecting universal dimensions, faster than the speed of light in wavelengths invisible to most humans, less than 7,800 angstroms or less than 4,000 angstroms, a cosmic lens able to travel and translate humanity, a chariot of light created to carry us on our ascension.

But what is ascension?

• Oneness

• God

• Love

• Mastering our light vibration

• Space travel beyond the stars

• All of the above

If you answered all of the above, take another deep breath; you are onboard the ascension chariot mastering your light vibration enough to space travel beyond the stars in search of love oneness.

Whether you are an expert or a novice you are on the peaceful path to finding the grail, the philosopher’s stone, the alchemy of the gold ray, the true vibration of love, all in their entirety.

And thanks to some very smart people you are free to:

• Choose love.

• Be confident that words like “love” and “gratitude” or beautiful music re-arrange the molecular structure of atoms in water crystals.

• Accept how responsive the smallest units of life force – adamantine particles – are to the frequencies created by love and sound.

• Travel beyond your wildest dreams.

And yes, ascension is the only way to travel through world wisdom; an eco-friendly renewable resource that delivers accuracy to curios, sky dives through vortexes of time, scours the records of lives past, sifts through earth’s true history and is absolutely free with no baggage charges.

But you don’t want to be a hermit gaining world wisdom all on your own.

Take another deep breath; you are far from being alone. Essentially you may never be lonely again.

How could you be lonely when the ascension symptoms – angelic guidance through heaven’s akashic records, past life regression with colorful images of spirits from the past, animal totems granting us instinctual wisdom through guidance – are endless? And some of us even share our physical body with angels of light, guides, ascended masters, and walk-ins.

With all that ascension mavericks hear and feel during humanity’s vast increase in supernatural telepathy, combined with a wildly vibrating universal consciousness, truly you may find yourself begging for more alone time rather than feeling lonely.

You wonder what caused all of this?

As promised, separation from heaven is now a fallacy. We are beyond the veil, per se, and whether you drive or ride the light chariot of ascension, this is good news for humanity.

How do you handle adolescents with ascension?

Silence is not an option, neither is fear. Isolating in fear of madness does everyone a disservice. The need to share our ascension experiences, no matter how subtle or wild, is imperative to both old and young. Children being born with higher light vibrations need empathic guidance towards feeling what is known rather than seeing what some want them believing.

Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and felt. We need to sit under the ascension tree and feel with all of our senses. The more we grow in knowing ourselves, the greater our capacity for feeling love which in turn heightens our ability to ascend, trust our senses, and “know thyself,” a perfect circle of self, a harmonic sphere rather than “harmonic-disruptio.”

Harmonic-disruptio spread while generations of our family trees focused energy towards knowledge rather than knowing. Knowing is trust; the cornerstone on which faith is secure and real. When our focus knows how great we all are, our authentic self-esteem strengthens and surpasses boundaries imposed upon our spirit.

Never mind who imposed the boundaries, authentic self-esteem is one of the greatest gifts that ascension has to offer.

If you have trouble accepting ascension, slow down, look within a window at your authentic self, dismantle any need for false ego with many of its maladies like greed or addiction. Breathe, ascend, accept the multitude of gifts from ascension.

Still aren’t clear what ascension is? Or think you may be unworthy? That’s okay.

The ascension path is well-traveled and not reserved for yogis buried in mud or martyred saints anymore.

Ascension is a unique and phenomenal adventure during which some see rainbow light, others hear angels, yet some complain of dizziness and exhaustion. Others represent the source by creating what they love and earn a fortune. Mostly ascension is a vast awareness.

You have none of these ascension symptoms?

Ask – shout out to the universe – “Help! Help me attain my true self with the highest frequency of love! Help me ascend!”

But most of all remember you are not alone. You will get the answers. You are a creation born to create. Let the ascension light of Merkaba show you what to create and how.

Some crystals to wear or keep near you during the ascension process are angelite and celestite for your crown energies. Hematite is excellent for grounding and so is any form of black stone. Synergy tools known as the12 stones of ascension are azeztulite, brookite, danburite, herderite, moldavite, natrolite, petalite, phenacite, satuloka quartz, scolesite, tanzanite, Tibetan tektites.

Certain natural essences worn or kept around you during the ascension process may also help. Salt refracts dense energies. Roses or natural rose oil raise your energy frequency vibration. Angelica root dissolves dense energies.

Classical music, solfeggio tones, guitar and drums have a variety of sound wave frequencies that help us with ascension.

Most of all have fun, be brave and always ask questions.

Angels LightWorldwide is a romantic twin flame couple gifted with multidimensional healing frequencies. Angelically sensitive Aurora and Brian offer sacred heart blessings, Tibetan blessings and long distance lightwork to groups and individuals.,, Facebook: Angels LightWorldwide. 

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