Versatile Blogger Award

We are really touched by this award so soon into our blogging experience! 

A big thank you to Lauren from the lscottpoetry blog at:  

&  for Danlrene from Work the Dream at:  

Lisa from The Spotted Feather Farm at: 

& Maryanne Payle from Maryanne Payle at:

for nominating us for ‘THE Versatile Blogger’ award!!!


According to the requirements of the award we must:

• Nominate 15 other bloggers

• Inform our nominees

• Share 7 random facts about ourselves

• Thank those who nominated us

• Add a picture of the award to this post

Congratulations Versatile Bloggers!

If this is repeat nomination  my apologies  ~ :  ) & for those of you PROS that this may be your umpteenth award…  deeper apologies  ~ BUT know you are so appreciated by your gorgeous work here on wordpress ~ : ) & as to why the nominees names below print sizes vary???  I don’t know … but have conceded to the blogging gremlins (grrrrrrrrrr!) and leaving them SO ~ neither superior greatness nor humble lessness is implied by varying sizes ~ they are just Versatile like each nominee ~ that is my chosen creative interpretation anyway.

I nominate:

1.      Kitty Bloger

2.  Angel 2 Angel

3.  Elle.Tea.Emm

4.      Signs of Life

5. TheActorsDiet

6.  The Maldivian Volunteer

 7.  The Spotted Feather Farm  

 8.  The Tale of My Heart

 9.    Aurora Morealist  

10.   Finding Life In A Death  

11.   My Life According to Shoes 

12.   Saving My Life at 23

13.  Big Picture View of Tisha  


Pixie Place II

15.  Coupletastic



7 random things about Aurora & Brian:

1. While playing under an old oak tree when Aurora was three she begged the Angels & Fairies for her ‘true love’ ~ 9 1/2 months later Brian was born.

2. Both of us have ‘Gypsy Moons’ ~

3.  We met online!

4.  Both of us have different types of dyslexia!!!! ‘reading disorders’ ~

5. We have  7 children between us ~ 5 girls and 2 boys ~  

6. We both have Irish mothers.

7. We both love sugar. (too much)

10 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I am so flattered!!! Still feeling new to blogging, I am doubly excited – giddy! I truly enjoy sharing with the public in hopes that I might touch at least on soul. Life has a lot of celebrations and this nomination is one of them!!
    Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
    On the 7 things: I’m romantically liking #1!!! I met my husband late in life even though we vaguely knew each other in high school. 😀

    • Congratulations!!! We were so flattered also ~ really gave Aurora practice on blogging and making links ~ but also found more great blogs searching for those versatile and different. I am sure your blog touches others. There are so many fictional stories & encounters out there, Real LIFE is refreshing.
      Love that you met your husband later and knew him in High School….. Heaven does have a plan ~ we just need to follow it.
      Angels Light,
      Aurora & Brian

  2. thank you so much!! can’t tell you how much it means to me. and i love the 7 random things you posted!! so cute. lots of kids, lots of sugar ….. could probably sometimes be a ball of fun and sometimes be a scary thing lol!!!!! just kidding, i loooove it 🙂

    • You are welcome ~ You have a great Blog ~See you already received some awards ~ making people smile ~ And yes sugar and kids together ~ Whheeeeee! Although the teenager thing is a bit challenging sometimes we both are great at remembering we were once teenagers too!
      Angel Love & Light,
      Aurora & Brian

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