Angelic Shaman Meditation & Workshop, Healing & Blessing! Saturday March 10th

Back By Popular Request!!!

Angel Lights World Wide & Community Spirit Center Roscrea

Are Pleased to Announce 

One day Work Shop: Angelic Shaman Healing & Meditation

Location: Community Spirit Center, Main Street, Castlerea, County Roscommon, Ireland .

Join Us on Saturday March 10th, 2012

11 am –  3 pm Private Individual Angelic Shaman Guidance & Healing Sessions by appointment by donation

3 pm – 6 pm Group Angelic Shaman Meditation & Healing 25.00 pp

Phone Roisin Hogan: Ireland  087-6320448/094-9622053

Phone  Ireland 087-0564203

                                                                      US (702) 302-1453

Benefits from Angelic Shaman Guidance, Meditation & Blessings

Accelerated Ascensions, Ignition of Personal Sacred Heart, Reconnection of Angelic Chords, Angelic Wing Energy Activation, Chakra Balancing & Clearing of Denser Energy from Auric field, Entity Removal, Third Eye Clearing & Activating Increases Intuition Sensitivity & All Clairs, Angelic Shaman Energy may help alleviate symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

AngelsLightWorldwide are Souls of the Blue Ray’ & are of the Highest Ray of Vibration Blue – They are extremely sensitive and are known to bless with a variety of highly ascended energies & colours. The blessing channeled is a myriad of Heavenly colours, frequencies & energies that cater for all levels of awareness. Channeled Blessings are Highlighted With Electric Blue and the Golden Sphere of The Christ Light. Client Reviews can be found at: on Services page or ‘Soul Healing’ page 

  • Disclaimer:

  • This is not for entertainment purposes.

  • You may see, feel, hear, things that you may not of experienced before.

  • You are being cared for by Heaven’s Angels.

  • At any time if you are not ready to release energies, say stop.

  • We also ‘feel’ this ‘stop’ distantly ♥ as the angels hear & tell us. 

  • We recommend that you be in a seated position or laying down. 

  • Enjoy the Love Angels have for you.

One thought on “Angelic Shaman Meditation & Workshop, Healing & Blessing! Saturday March 10th

  1. This event, will always be special Angels light heart, such a beautiful gathering of angels and fairies ❤ we Learned about acceptance of self, We journeyed to places of far, and were surrounded by so much love ❤ some where introduced to the road of ascension, and all have been born in to a new understanding of love.

    This event was made special by the hearts of those that attended, both Aurora and I are so proud to have been apart of this magical day! That not only did our group have healing but angels and ascended masters brought healing to community of Roscrea too!
    Although Aurora could not make this event in person, her energy of love, could be felt and added to this beautiful Day…

    we are so grateful, to have been allowed to share an experience with such beautiful hearts..
    For the grace of God we move forward in understanding

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