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Angelic Shaman Meditation & Workshop, Healing & Blessing! Saturday March 10th

Back By Popular Request!!!

Angel Lights World Wide & Community Spirit Center Roscrea

Are Pleased to Announce 

One day Work Shop: Angelic Shaman Healing & Meditation

Location: Community Spirit Center, Main Street, Castlerea, County Roscommon, Ireland .

Join Us on Saturday March 10th, 2012

11 am –  3 pm Private Individual Angelic Shaman Guidance & Healing Sessions by appointment by donation

3 pm – 6 pm Group Angelic Shaman Meditation & Healing 25.00 pp

Phone Roisin Hogan: Ireland  087-6320448/094-9622053

Phone  Ireland 087-0564203

                                                                      US (702) 302-1453

Benefits from Angelic Shaman Guidance, Meditation & Blessings

Accelerated Ascensions, Ignition of Personal Sacred Heart, Reconnection of Angelic Chords, Angelic Wing Energy Activation, Chakra Balancing & Clearing of Denser Energy from Auric field, Entity Removal, Third Eye Clearing & Activating Increases Intuition Sensitivity & All Clairs, Angelic Shaman Energy may help alleviate symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

AngelsLightWorldwide are Souls of the Blue Ray’ & are of the Highest Ray of Vibration Blue – They are extremely sensitive and are known to bless with a variety of highly ascended energies & colours. The blessing channeled is a myriad of Heavenly colours, frequencies & energies that cater for all levels of awareness. Channeled Blessings are Highlighted With Electric Blue and the Golden Sphere of The Christ Light. Client Reviews can be found at: on Services page or ‘Soul Healing’ page 

  • Disclaimer:

  • This is not for entertainment purposes.

  • You may see, feel, hear, things that you may not of experienced before.

  • You are being cared for by Heaven’s Angels.

  • At any time if you are not ready to release energies, say stop.

  • We also ‘feel’ this ‘stop’ distantly ♥ as the angels hear & tell us. 

  • We recommend that you be in a seated position or laying down. 

  • Enjoy the Love Angels have for you.

Heaven’s Grace

Peace On Earth

~ May the breath of peace still your thoughts so that you may open your heart to Heaven’s Grace and breathe pure love ~ liquid love light ~

Versatile Blogger Award

We are really touched by this award so soon into our blogging experience! 

A big thank you to Lauren from the lscottpoetry blog at:  

&  for Danlrene from Work the Dream at:  

Lisa from The Spotted Feather Farm at: 

& Maryanne Payle from Maryanne Payle at:

for nominating us for ‘THE Versatile Blogger’ award!!!


According to the requirements of the award we must:

• Nominate 15 other bloggers

• Inform our nominees

• Share 7 random facts about ourselves

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Congratulations Versatile Bloggers!

If this is repeat nomination  my apologies  ~ :  ) & for those of you PROS that this may be your umpteenth award…  deeper apologies  ~ BUT know you are so appreciated by your gorgeous work here on wordpress ~ : ) & as to why the nominees names below print sizes vary???  I don’t know … but have conceded to the blogging gremlins (grrrrrrrrrr!) and leaving them SO ~ neither superior greatness nor humble lessness is implied by varying sizes ~ they are just Versatile like each nominee ~ that is my chosen creative interpretation anyway.

I nominate:

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7 random things about Aurora & Brian:

1. While playing under an old oak tree when Aurora was three she begged the Angels & Fairies for her ‘true love’ ~ 9 1/2 months later Brian was born.

2. Both of us have ‘Gypsy Moons’ ~

3.  We met online!

4.  Both of us have different types of dyslexia!!!! ‘reading disorders’ ~

5. We have  7 children between us ~ 5 girls and 2 boys ~  

6. We both have Irish mothers.

7. We both love sugar. (too much)