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Seven Sacred Flames

Cloud & Light Above Us at Spirit Flute Circle

Heavenly Blessings come in many forms.

This day October 4th, 2011 brought us special affirmation for our path ~

 ‘  7 ‘

in the sky surrounded by Violet Light as we stood on a small plateau overlooking the desert and dry lake in the high desert.

Thank you Heaven for this sign that we are on your path. Y for Yod & Yeshua

‘Offering of the Broken Heart’

Beloved presence of God I am, with surrender and humility, I come to the Altar of Mercy to offer my broken heart. This day I offer my sorrows, my tears, my fears, my worries, my pains, my grief, my loneliness to the altar of Love, knowing that it is only through the drenching of my Heart into the fires of pure Divine Love that all human attributes of the broken heart can be miraculously healed and transformed.

As I offer my broken heart in total surrender and acceptance, I know that my heart will be softened. I also know that my pains and sorrows are a learning tool, the cleansing catalysts that will help me perfect the Divine gift of Love that will open wide the Realms of Light upon my soul.

As I Allow myself to feel the pain with surrender, I also allow myself to release it, to be transformed into the most wondrous gift.. Beauty in all its Celestial perfection,  health in all its full magnificence, wisdom in its unlimited glory are the gifts bestowed upon those who possess this Great Love.

The Love of God, the Love beyond all gifts. I know pray with all the energy of my heart that I might be possessed by this Christ~Like Love. I let this Great Love sing as a melody of Praise, Gratitude and Thanksgiving from my heart each moment that I live. And so it is, beloved I Am.

♥Angelic Guidance Readings & Divine Light Blessing Healing♥

Ascended Healing’s!

 Individual Blessing Healings are  by appointment.

Groups catered for.

Advantages to blessings.

Accelerated Ascensions for Advanced Light workers

 Ignition of personal Sacred Heart.

  • The blessing we channel across the Globe is a myriad of Heavenly colours, frequencies & energies.

  • our Channeled Blessings are Highlighted With Electric Blue and the Golden Sphere of The Christ Light. 

  • For the more advanced Light worker to understand:

  • Together they specialize in Reconnection of Angelic Chords,

  • Angelic Wing Energy Activation,

  • Angelic Channeling,

  • Chakra Balancing & Clearing,

  • Clearing of Denser Energy from Auric field,

  • Entity Removal, Third Eye Clearing, Accelerated Ascension 

  • For the beginner to understand:

  • Together the Couple Sends you Angelic Energy to help alleviate

  • Disclaimer:

  • This is not for entertainment purposes.

  • You may see, feel, hear, things that you may not of experienced before.

  • You are being cared for by Heaven’s Angels.

  • At any time if you are not ready to release energies, say stop.

  • We also ‘feel’ this ‘stop’ distantly ♥ as the angels hear & tell us. 

  • We recommend that you be in a seated position or laying down. 

  • Enjoy the Love Angels have for you.. 

  • * ‘Souls of the Blue Ray’ are of the Highest Ray of Vibration Blue, they are extremely sensitive and are known to bless with a variety of highly ascended energies & colours. 

  • “Blue Ray Healing” as listed on the internet is a healing modality altogether based on Arcutarian Geometry.

  • Twin Flames of the Blue Ray~

  • Archangel Michael’s Legion~

  • Angelic Healers~

  • Phone Angelslightworldwide Ireland (353) 870564203

  • phone Angelslightworldwide USA  (702) 3021453