Archive | January 6, 2012

Like a child….


Be like a child

~ colorful, sweet & sometimes sticky ~


~Recover innocence, faith, hope & dreams ~

~Heaven has a wealth of colors and dreams ~

~Endless spirals of Healing Love Light ~

We are their children.

Basket of Blessings

Basket of Blessings  


By asking for assistance from Heaven we invite Heaven to Bless us with whatever we need most spiritually. Heaven’s basket is full of Miracles just waiting to happen. Be a miracle, ask for Heaven’s Blessings. They really want to bless you!




We are all prisms of Heaven. Our spirits light bodies mirroring our Creator and the creations on Earth ~ For our spirit to shine brightly with PURE  light we must shine ALL of our colors and not shroud any of our authentic gifts in doubt or shame ~ Be who you are ~ Bring lightness to dark places ~ give your self the gift of unconditional LOVE and bring to life your true Visions in all of their true colors ~ SHINE! Trust your instinct of who you really are.

Stairways to Heaven

Spiral Staircase

By allowing Divine Light thru meditation, prayer and faith to keep our souls clutter free we enable the passage between our hearts, souls & minds to be free ~ running smoothly along God’s perfectly constructed Stairways to Heaven.


Destiny by Mis Destiny


Destiny born may be transformed but never missed. The Angels help us along our destined path ~ the Journey Heaven prescribed for our soul ~ Many of us fall away from our path or lose direction along the way with distractions or sometimes pain. When we awaken and ask for Heaven’s Guidance to help us get back on our path we always get just that …. Guidance. Answers come in many forms from the Angelic Realm ~ Always be eager to ask them questions and directions ~ Asking also for the patience and focus to stay on our path. Know they are creative and sometimes humorous in their communication ~ Trust they are there. Having Faith is more than half the struggle in human spiritual existence ~ Breathe deep and let your destined path be a great “Let Go” of control  to professional Heaven pilots! You won’t be disappointed.