Tasting of passion and salt

the faint tinglings                                                                    

                                         of seaspray


across my cheeks

while galloping a horse along the shore

in a fresh breeze ~ 

                                       making wild the hair –

the seasprays evaporate so quickly…

I have to run the tip of my tongue

along my lips…. tasting:

Seasprays mingle with the tears

springing from my eyes ~

                                         beckoned by the wind… 

Tasting tears that run through a memory




gently pulling

the memory from my heart

                                                 like a flowering clove:




sharp –

Wild Love of the Heart

           softest sheets rustled

and entwined between bare legs

                     scent of velvet magnolias 

~ Aurora 2010

10 thoughts on “WILD HEART LOVE

    • You are very welcome! The piece was inspired by an image of an Italian Poet’s. Thanks for encouragement. I really like your blog – full of life & light – Celestial…
      Angel Love & Blessings
      Aurora & Brian

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