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Shamanic Healing Staff custom designed with the Aid of Moses Angelic Guidance

Shamanic Healing Staff


~ design channeled through Brian @ 2009  ~handcrafted by Brian in Ireland ~

Irish Spaceships

Riders Sidhe ~

One of earliest references to unidentified flying objects is found in the 1100s ‘The Book of Leinster’ aka ‘The Book of Glendalough’ ~ where it is written that a GREAT SHIP was seen in the sky at the Tailteenn Fair where upon a spear was thrown from the great ship and a man figure ‘swam’ thru the air downwards to take the spear. The crowd beneath held the spear with him holding onto it until the man figure shouted he was drowning. The very split of the second he was released the man figure floated back into the Great Ship which flew back into the sky.

from Book of Leinster