First Dance of Twin Flame Love

We climbed each other’s trellis

we had woven to the stars –

Spiraled double helixes

of violet amber haze…..

Roses of divinity –

fragrant full of bloom –

served their ethereal purpose…

Enticing our hearts

like a magnet of the moon.

Sensitive to previous plunder

we carefully placed our foot

On self-sufficient boundaries

bending at our sway –

Scaling walls of time –

our rocks’ sharpness

grazing each old scars

sacred blood light washing

over us

falling deep into an entwining spiral velvet pool.

Lives past and present

around our souls’ 

guarded jewel of forever –

dominion in Heaven’s realm.

we danced

we loved

we laughed

we cried

we begged for mercy

from our self-reflections

looking glass

until we melded into

one & separate –

a unity of us.

– aurora angelslightworldwide@2011

20 thoughts on “First Dance of Twin Flame Love

  1. What a beautiful expression of love and romance! Thank you so much for your visit, “like” and for following me! I will do the same and look forward to this Heavenly journey~

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL, I feel like i’ve received something very special through reading your poetry. did you paint the pictures? BTW thank you for visiting silverpoetry also i appreciate your comments xxx

    • Ahhhwww…. happy heart. Most writings or all really are ‘channeled’ ~ My muse heals with ‘fragrant truth’ ~ a form of healing by provoking images with cathartic words ~ The paintings and photos are by other fabulous artists listed where possible ~ many have links to their websites or galleries in click on widgets but not all as many are not listed on internet.
      I love your poetry ~ gorgeous simple wisdom.
      ((( xoxox ))) Angel Hugs

  3. Hello my new friend,

    I am happy to have found your blog and am gladly following. I think you have done a good job with your blog, so well done! 🙂

    Here I would like to thank you for following my blog. I hope my blog is not disappointing and that you will continue enjoying my blog in each of your visits.

    So thank you again, and lovely day to you! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

    • Thank you Subhan, it is our hope that we help our self’s and all, to Grow towards our living god’s love for us all, and to learn what his ministers of love have to teach.. may your heart shine for all to see..

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