Archive | November 6, 2011

Angelic Guidance on Skype

Aurora receiving Light

Angelic Guidance on Skype.

Aurora receiving Angelic Guidance

Spend real time with Angels Light as they channel Angelic Guidance!

Watch and/or Listen as the Angelos deliver your

guidance through your past, present & future

Introductory Special:

$50.00 risk free paypal for half hour guidance

How to schedule Angelic Guidance Session:

 I. Send contact request to Skype: Aurora Brian (angellightsworldwide)

Include time zone, day of preference & 3 preferences for times.

II. Send riskfree $50.00 to Paypal:

III. Email or Skype Aurora &Brian:


cc: to ensure delivery

IV. AngelsLightWorldwide will return email/skype with appointment time and date

for your personal channeled Angelic Guidance session.

V. Sit Back, Relax and enjoy your session.

~ rescheduling is possible ~

~ More than 24 hours required for Cancellations ~

~Cancellations will receive credit for 2 emailed Guidance reports ~

NOTICE: Inappropriate Behaviour on camera will be reported immediately