‘Emmanuel’ appears throughout Historical writings as The Christ Son of God seated next to God but rarely with his true essence which is from the highest Angelic Realm seated next to and directly attached to GOD ~ Yeshua was a human body like yours and mine but carrying Archangel Emmanuel incarnate ~ Angelic information on Emmanuel has all but disappeared from easily accessed information while he is recognised as a man The Christ~ thorough searching of the information reveals that Emmanuel is known as an Ancient Angel.

By seeing and knowing the ‘Son of God’ as an Archangel incarnated as a human born to another human bodied Archeia Incarnate ~ Mother Mary ~ we are able to comprehend the reality of his birth on a human level and simplify some of the confusion of the Trinity that in turn brings Peace to certain human arguments on Earth.

~ message delivered thru the Angelos 2011

Referances in scripture of The Christ – The Messiah being Immnauel the Highest Angel being incarnated into human form is”a concept that can be traced back to Malachi 4:2. In this verse, the song states that the coming Savior will bring justice, honesty, and truth. He will enlighten and cast out darkness as “The sun of righteousness will rise with healing in His WINGS.”            


The Bible tells us that Emmanuel means

“God with us” (Matthew 1:23).

3 thoughts on “EMMANUEL

  1. I have been searching and searching for information on archangel Emmanuel, but cannot find much at all. I know he exists because of divine communication I am receiving. Please if you can guide me to more references of him I will greatly appreciate it. And thank you for your article about him. It is so true!
    Blessings and love, Malkah

  2. Heavenly Love Blessings Malkah!
    Thank you so much or commenting. The above message was channeled thru Aurora from the Angelos… Heaven’s Angelic Council so to speak.
    When we went to verify the blessings we discovered the same lack of documented or written about info on him. Although he is well known as & referred to as The Christ all the way up until the 1980’s…
    In the 1970’s or about the dark side christened a pornographic star as Emmanuel and people’s referrance diminished. The referrance to him as an Archangel is almost non-existant.
    Most believe it was Archangel Michael that was incarnated as Yeshua the Christ, but messages received indicate Emmanuel /Immanuel…
    A link here shows how little he is mentioned by the name Immanuel.

    We have updated and reblogged the post with referrances in scipture.

    Much Angelic Love & Gratitude

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